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Adiscon AliveMon is a network management tool that is easy to use, produces useful information everyday, and provides a system-level view of the network. It helps to monitor the hosts in a network and also includes utilities to do port discovery, port scanning, trace routing and much more. AliveMon is the latest product by Adiscon. It has a user-friendly, graphical interface for performing different tasks.

With AliveMon, home users and network administrators can easily watch what is going on with the network hosts/devices. It also enables security administrators to find weak spots and aids in detecting intrusions as well as forensic analysis.

Wondering why you need AliveMon? Read our "Why AliveMon?" and "User Benefits" pages!


Network Discovery: AliveMon is powered with network discovery wizard that helps to discover hosts available in the network.

Addition of Hosts: You can easily add hosts/devices available in your network to AliveMon and monitor them.

Addition of Monitors: You can add monitors to the hosts/devices in AliveMon. Monitor can be a TCP, HTTP, Ping or UDP.

Add Actions: You can add customizable actions to each of the added device. There are different actions available in AliveMon like Play Sound, Send Email, Send Syslog, Window Popup, Start Program and so on, depending upon the nature of event occured.

Ports Discovery: You can discover the ports available in your added host and also get to know about the services running on those ports.

Port Scanning: You can analyze hosts/devices and different services running on them. Port scanning accurately determines the active services on a specific network device/host.

Trace Route: You can determine the route packets take to reach a particular host by sending ICMP echo packets with varying IP Time-To-Live (TTL) values to the destination. It can be used to determine where a packet stopped on the network. It is useful for troubleshooting networks where several paths can be taken to arrive at the same point, or where intermediate systems (routers or bridges) are involved.

Speech Action: AliveMon can also talk/speak with speech action.

Debug Logging Options: You have multiple debug logging options.

Zero-Impact Monitoring: AliveMon has no noticeable impact on system resources. It is specifically written with minimal resource usage in mind. In typical scenarios, its footprint is barely traceable.

Ease of Use: AliveMon is easy to install and configure. Comprehensive step-by-step guides and wizards help users with setting up the application.

Friendly User Interface: AliveMon has a nice and decent user interface.

AliveMon - Monitor your Servers and Routers
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