Benefits of Using AliveMon...

Ensuring smooth operations of your network and your servers is a priority for you. AliveMon helps you stay on top of any problem before it becomes a big one. Using AliveMon has different benefits, depending on what your intension is. Below, find some common cases.

As a company, AliveMon helps you avoid losses from inaccessible systems. Remeber: customers quickly turn to your competitor if your web site is down when they intend to place an order. So you want to make sure its online again as quickly as possible. AliveMon helps you immediately notice the problem, so a resolution can occur immediately.

If you are a system administrator, AliveMon helps you keep you users (and probably your boss) happy. It also saves you time by periodically checking your systems.

If you are a computer enthusiast, it will help you to ensure your hard work can be appreciated. Wouldn't it be bad if your web pages (and the rest of your system) would be inaccessible just because a server went down and you did not notice it? AliveMon tells you instantly.

If you are game server administrator, AliveMon might even save you trouble with your friends. Just think about how much fun it is for them when the game server stops right in the middle of the action and you do not notice. With AliveMon, you'll know before the call you...

If you would like to know how exactly AliveMon helps you, see our "Why AliveMon?" page.

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