Monitor your Servers and Routers...
AliveMon is a network monitor that lets you know when servers or routers fail. Configurable alarms enable you to quickly solve problems before they turn into real headache. You can even automatically take corrective actions by auto-starting programs. Application-specific probes let you check the actual status of your application (like mail, web or game servers). Many other tools just do a ping, which only lets you known if the system itself is powered on. But ping won't tell you if the web server is really alive. Only an app-level probe can do this.

Save a lot of time: no more periodic server checking necessary. Simply configure AliveMon and forget about it. AliveMon will let you know when it is time to look at the system. And the best of all: AliveMon is free to monitor a single system!

Wondering why you need AliveMon? Read our "Why AliveMon?" and "User Benefits" pages!

Key Benefits

Main Overview

Monitor the status of all Servers and Routers at once using the Main View of AliveMon. The Main View shows the monitoring status of each host, with a configureable view type. [more]

Network Discovery

Easily discover Servers and Devices in your local area network. AliveMon offers a fast IP-Range and Windows Network based scanning Wizard with automatical port discovery. [more]

Note: You can take a Quick Tour to AliveMon to know more about its exciting features.

Release Information

AliveMon 2.0 Final released! The Version 2.0 final version provides more stability ... [more]

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Works with Windows Vista

All integrated

AliveMon provides an integrated solution for desktop based monitoring of Windows, Linux or other network devices. Easy to install and operate, it saves the administrator's day instantly.

Rainer Gerhards, President, Adiscon

2.0 Final Released

AliveMon 2.0 Final has been released! This is the Final release of AliveMon - [more] Download Trial Version

AliveMon - Monitor your Servers and Routers
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