Monitoring GameServers

Created on 2005-09-14 by Andre Lorbach.

AliveMon's UDP monitor can be configured for Gameserver monitoring of many common known games. UDP is usually very hard to monitor due the nature of the protocol, but it can be done on the application level. The Idea is simple, the UDP Monitor kindly sends a request to the gameserver on a specific port and checks if the Gameserver answers to the request. If this query succeeds, the UDP monitor is marked as running.

The following example will show you how to configure a new host and a UDP Monitor for a CounterStrike Source Server (many other game engines are supported!).

  1. Start AliveMon, skip the initial Wizard if it is the first time and click on the Add button to add a new host (Check the Open advanced configuration option as well).



  2. The configuration window will open. Now click on the Monitors button on the left. You will the automatic generated Ping Monitor which will monitor your server by using the ICMP protocol. If you have a Firewall which prevents ICMP, you should disable or remove this default monitor. Now, click on the Add button and select UDP Monitor as type and configure the name of the new monitor. In my example I have chosen "CS Source" as monitor name. Once done click the OK button to proceed to the next step.



  3. The Monitor property window will open. Now configure the correct UDP Port, the default for CS Source is 27015 in my example. AliveMon comes with a lot of templates for common game engines, so you kindly need to select the template "Source Engine...". Once done you can click the OK button and the new monitor will be added. If you have more gameservers on the host, proceed with step 2/3 until you have added all your gameservers.



  4. Click OK in the Host Entry Window. Once the window is closed, the new UDP Monitor will automatically start and if everything is right, it should look like this.


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