AliveMon licensing is straight-forward, but it still deserves a little explanation.

If you want to use AliveMon for more than 30 days, then you need to think about licensing. It's easy: a license is required for each machine being monitored. We have license packages, each providing a number of licenses, for example 5 or 10. When you add a license pack to the product, it will enable that number of remote machines. I need to monitor more than that number, you can simply add additional license packs. They are cumulative. So, for example, if you would like to monitor 15 machines, you can purchase a 5 and a 10 license pack. By the way: if you add more machines than you have purchased license, the excess machines are simply disabled. The rest will work wonderfully, so there is no risk in doing that (except, of course, that the excess machines are not monitored).

Now there is one thing to keep in mind: a license pack can legally only be applied to a single installation of AliveMon. It is not permitted to install the same license pack on multiple instances. So, for example, if you have two computers each running AliveMon and both of these computers shall monitor 5 machines, you need to purchase two 5-machine license packs. Please note that it is not relevant if these two computers are monitoring the same set of machines or two totally different sets. If both of them monitor multiple machines, both of them must have separate license packs. 



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