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AliveMon 2.0 Final Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2006-11-09.

Adiscon is proud to announce the Version 2.0 Final Release of AliveMon.

This Version has been fully revised and upgraded to the latest Microsoft .Net Framework! Find a list of changes and enhancements below:

  • Hibernate, Logoff prevention: AliveMon could abort Logoff or hibernation, this problem has been fixed now.
  • Load on Windows Startup: AliveMon can be configured to automatically run on Windows Startup.
  • License Changed: Attention, AliveMon does not offer a free license for one host anymore. This means you will have a full featured 30 days trial time for AliveMon.
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Framework .Net 2.0
  • Minor stability changes

AliveMon 2.0

You can view Version History of AliveMon.

Free Download AliveMon 2.0 Final

You can download Free Trial Version of AliveMon.

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