Adiscon's Anti-Spyware Policy

Created on 2005-07-11 by Rainer Gerhards.

It is Adiscon's firm policy not to spread any spyware or similar evil softwares. Unfortunately, the rate at which spyware appears and spreads is horribly and has been growing during the past years. Thankfully, though, it has become a concern even for the casual computer user. While the increasing security-awareness is a great plus to our all security, it is also causing some problems for the software industry. Spyware developers have managed to make people stay away from downloading and trialing software because of fear of infecting themselvs. Downloadable software and evals are perfect ways to see if a product fits one's need - this is actually a no-risk purchase guarantee (Adiscon offers full featured 30-day trial periods for all of its commercial softwares).

In order to protect your freedom of choice and right to risk-free evaluation and purchase, Adiscon guarantees to never bundle any spyware, adware, malware, <whatever-it-is-called-evilware> with its products. In fact, we will not bundle any third-party software with our products, with the execpetion of well-known libraries and support softwares like the Microsoft Installer or the openssl library. We further guarantee that we will never develop any spyware (or similar malware) ourselvs.

Adiscon is in business since 1988 and is a well-respected company. Many of our products are used by computer security experts all over the world. We ourselfs participate in the security and logging community. I myself, as president and founder of Adiscon, am involved in a number of community efforts and have ties to system administration and security folks dating back to the early 1980s. Both Adiscon as well as I personally depend on our reputation and we will never risk that reputation by willingly spreading evil things.

Of course, mails faked to be from Adiscon advertise for all kind of "nice" goods, from enlargements, to drugs, to spyware-spreading web sites. In one mail, I think I personally even promoted some investment via the nigerian scam. If you are around a while on the Internet, you probably know that these are fakes, most of them sent via the latest computer worms and mass mailers. So if you get any of these mails, you can silently delete it. But if you are really concerned about something, please drop me a note.

Rainer Gerhards
Founder  & President of Adiscon

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